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Post-doc: Dairy technology research; advanced material characterisation and modification of food structures.

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Opportunities in Dairy Technology Research


Call for Applicants


Career-FIT PLUS: Career Development Fellowships in the DPTC


Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions COFUND


Career-FIT PLUS is a trans-national scheme, co-funded by Enterprise Ireland and the European Union, for experienced researchers worldwide to develop their careers in market-focused applied research at the research centres including Teagasc Food Research Centre Moorepark as part of the Dairy Processing Technology Centre, Ireland. Teagasc Research Centre | DPTC Centre | CareerFIT Plus Programme



Dairy Research: advanced material characterisation and modification of food structures.


Target research areas:

  • Food structure/material characterisation including advanced rheological characterisation – LAOS, thin-film rheology and tribology.

  • Surface chemistry/activity – applications of dairy and plant-based surface active ingredients for liquid-liquid (emulsion) and air-liquid (foam) systems. Development of correlations between fundamental surface functionality and emulsion/foam manufacture, processing, stability and digestion behaviour.

  • Food lipids material characterisation of milk fat and/or non-dairy food lipids, development of methodologies and data processing techniques for determination of thermal (crystallisation/melting behaviours) and shear behaviours on structural stability of w/o emulsions.

  • Development of GC analytical techniques including 2D GC, branched chain fatty acids and free fatty acid quantification.

  • Enzymatic modification of lipids – effects of lipase activity on structural modifications to triglyceride structures. Characterisation, fractionation (short path distillation) and determination of hydrolysate bio-functionality. Including effects on lipase reactions under super critical CO2 conditions.

  • Development of super critical CO2 processing in food systems.


Unique career development opportunity for researchers www.horizon2020.ie/career-fit-plus/

  • 36 month contract with Teagasc at its Food Research Centre Moorepark, Ireland, including secondment of 6-12 months in industry, short placements in key international research laboratories and possibilities to travel to key commercial markets
  • Excellent salary, plus family allowance
  • Industry-led research in centre of excellence for Dairy Processing Research and Innovation
  • Interdisciplinary and intersectoral career development training programme


Initial Requirements

Candidates should have experience of research in dairy and food matrices (preferably cheese) with publications in high impact factor journals; experience in advanced analytical methodologies such as rheometry and microscopy; and a high competency in English. Mobility criteria apply - contact Dr Abigail Pattenden for more information.


Career Fit Plus Process

Selected applicants will prepare a submission in conjunction with the academic mentor, Dr Sean Hogan, and specific industry secondment mentors. Previous indicative success rates are 50%.


Dr Sean Hogan

  • Dr Sean Hogan has extensive research experience in dairy chemistry, formulation and processing.
  • Research has focused on the relationships between composition and behaviour during spray drying, ingredient interactions in concentrated dairy systems, development of functional lipid structures and the effects of diet on dairy product quality and functionality.
  • Current research interests include the development of human milk-fat substitutes for infant formula manufacture, identification of nutri-biomarkers in whey, dietary influences on fatty acid and phospholipid profiles of milk and the application of novel technologies to milk processing and dairy products analysis.
  • Also involved in projects on valorization of dairy co-products through concentration and drying technologies and development of an in vitro infant digestion model. He is also focused on the development of a lipid chemistry platform to enhance analytical capabilities within Teagasc.
  • Areas of expertise include colloidal and macro-ingredient interactions in dairy systems, formulation, rheology and food structure.


Submit an electronic copy of Curriculum Vitae and a letter of interest to: Dr. Sean Hogan, Teagasc Food Research Centre, Moorepark, Ireland. Email: Sean.A.Hogan@teagasc.ie


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