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DESY, with its 2700 employees at its two locations in Hamburg and Zeuthen, is one of the world's leading research centres. Its research focuses on decoding the structure and function of matter, from the smallest particles of the universe to the building blocks of life. In this way, DESY contributes to solving the major questions and urgent challenges facing science, society and industry. With its ultramodern research infrastructure, its interdisciplinary research platforms and its international networks, DESY offers a highly attractive working environment in the fields of science, technology and administration as well as for the education of highly qualified young scientists.

We are seeking for an internationally recognized scientist to permanently strengthen the team of the Helmholtz project "Fundamental Couplings at the Precision Frontiers" in the CMS group at DESY. In the focus of the project are ultimate-precision measurements of the fundamental QCD parameters and of the proton structure, unbiased searches for new physics at the LHC and the Phase-II Upgrade of the Outer Tracker of the CMS experiment.The successful candidate will play an essential role in the development and coordination of the relevant measurements in top quark and jet production at CMS and work on the interpretation of the results in the framework of the Standard Model and Effective Field Theory. The successful candidate is expected to participate and co-coordinate the international scientific exchange programs.Within the project, DESY collaborates with the University of Wuppertal. The involved scientists may pursue further academic qualifications as well as acquire teaching experience. These duties are intended to promote academic achievement.

The position

  • Within the CMS experiment, perform and coordinate analyses of data collected in proton-proton collisions at the LHC, focused on jet and top quark pair production

  • Develop and apply novel techniques for jet and top quark analyses, as well as improve the underlying reconstruction algorithms, based on machine learning techniques for Run III and the High Luminosity LHC

  • Take responsibilities for performance and upgrade studies in the CMS experiment

  • Contribute to development and support of phenomenology and QCD analysis tools

  • Collaborate with theory groups and with the ATLAS experiment

  • Contribute to supervision of students and young researchers in the group


  • University education in experimental or theoretical particle physics with PhD in experimental particle physics or equal qualification

  • Expertise in research in experimental particle physics at the LHC with focus on the data analysis in physics of top quark, jet and/or electroweak boson production, supported by publications in these areas

  • Track record in applying state-of-the art statistics and data analysis techniques

  • Experience in tracking, lepton or b-Quark identification with state-of-the art machine learning techniques

  • Experience in Linux operating systems, C++, python, low-level knowledge of common machine learning frameworks and related GPU programming

  • Excellent organizational and communication skills, experience in coordination and student supervision

  • Experience of working in international teams

Salary and benefits are commensurate with those of public service organisations in Germany. Classification is based upon qualifications and assigned duties. Persons with disabilities will be given preference to other equally qualified applicants. DESY operates flexible work schemes. DESY is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and encourages applications from women. Vacant positions at DESY are in general open to part-time-work. During each application procedure DESY will assess whether the post can be filled with part-time employees.

Please send your application quoting the reference code FHMA032/2020,
also by E-Mail to
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY
Human Resources Department | Code: FHMA032/2020
Notkestraße 85 | 22607 Hamburg | 22607 Hamburg Germany
Phone: +49 40 8998-3392
Deadline for applications: 2020/11/15

This research center is part of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers. With more than 42,000 employees and an annual budget of over € 5 billion, the Helmholtz Association is Germany's largest scientific organisation.

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