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French banking system


This section will guide you through the fundamentals of the French banking system.

Your EURAXESS Service Center will inform you about the different options and will refer you to a partner bank if necessary.



After your arrival, it will be more convenient and less expensive to make your payments and withdrawals with a French bank card. You will certainly need your own bank account in order to receive your salary.

The currency in France is EURO (€).

Opening a bank account and having a credit card and check book requires payment of monthly management charges and charges in case of extended overdraft of the account.


Be aware that your bank may charge you:

  • a monthly management fee;
  • fees for credit card fees;
  • "agios" in the event of a bank overrun.

The banks are required by law to provide a regular (at least annual) summary statement to their customers of the charges incurred on their account(s).


In order to have an idea about the charges, you can try to find the information online or to use an online comparison (in French).


You might also consider a possibility to open an account with an online bank.


Withdrawals from the ATMs of your own bank are free of charge. The price of withdrawals from other ATMs depends on the conditions of every bank.