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  • On March 16, 2020, the French President has decided to take measures to minimize contact and travel. A quarantine is in place throughout the territory since Tuesday, March 17, for a minimum of fifteen days. Travel is prohibited except in some specific cases and only if you have a certificate. Please consult the French Government website for more information and to download the certificate (English version available).
  • The validity of the following documents is extended by three months: long-stay visas; residence permits, whatever their nature, with the exception of special residence permits issued to foreign diplomatic and consular staff; receipts for residence permit applications. It is not recommended for foreign nationals with an expired title benefiting from this extension to leave French territory.
  • French EURAXESS centers can be contacted by email for any questions.


You will find here all the necessary information for mobile researchers, and assistance with the support of our network of services centres. If you are looking for information about entry procedures, social security, legal issues, postdoctoral positions and research jobs, this website is for you!

You will also find the contact details of all the services centres available in France, as well as information related to the entry and residence conditions on the French territory, accommodation and all you need to prepare a successful stay in the hexagon.

EURAXESS FRANCE is a member of the European Commission initiative, gathering more than 600 services centres assisting EU and non-EU researchers in 42 countries.

All services of the EURAXESS Network are free of charge.