Unemployment rights

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If you loose your job and become unemployed in France, you can apply for unemployement benefits called Aide au Retour à l'Emploi (ARE).

In order to benefit from this allowance, you must be involuntarily deprived of employment and justify at the end date of your employment contract that you have been employed for a minimum period of work known as the period of affiliation (fr. durée d'affiliation):

  • If you are under 53 years of age, 88 days or 610 hours of work, in the last 28 months
  • If you are over 53 years of age, 88 days or 610 hours in the last 36 months.

and register with the Pôle emploi.

Registration with the Pôle emploi:

Pôle emploi is a French governmental agency which registers unemployed people, helps them find jobs and provides them with financial aid.

To register with the Pôle emploi, you cannot be:  

  • a full-time employee, 
  • paid during the period of notice,
  • in professional training,
  • on sick leave,
  • on maternity or paternity leave,
  • on a subsidised employmen contract.

Researchers who are foreign nationals with a residence permit: the Prefecture of your place of residence issues a residence permit for a duration equal to the length of time during which unemployment benefits are paid to you by Pôle emploi.

You must contact the Prefecture of your place of residence following your subscription to the Pôle emploi.

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